Paul Nuttall Elected as UKIP Leader – Live from Westminster

Paul Nuttall is the new UKIP leader, succeeding Diane James who resigned just after 18 days of being elected. It was announced today in Westminster, that Nuttall will replace Nigel Farage, who has been running the party on an interim basis. Nigel Farage spoke as the former leader, announcing the results.

‘We must not be a party that is content to look backwards’, said Nuttall in his winning speech. He is determined to unite the party, saying “there will be one theme – unity. Because only unity breeds success’.

Nuttall won with 62% of the votes, and was followed by Suzanne Evans who had 19.3% of votes and John Rees-Evans with 18.1% of votes.

Paul Nuttall promises to unite the party, which has been under increasing pressure following the Brexit vote. The new leader pledges to introduce reforms within the internal structure of the party.

He has also pledged that he will promote a policy of being tough on crime, as well as promoting ‘aspiration and social mobility’.

Farage commented for City Beat:


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