Professor Green Opens Up About Masculinity and His Emotional Struggle

Hackney rapper Professor Green, said he was “petrified” about sharing his emotional struggle after his father committed suicide in 2008. Speaking at the Being a Man Festival at the Southbank Centre in London, he said he now felt the decision to be more open about his sorrow was “empowering”. chose to front a BBC documentary exploring male suicide, mental health and depression.

The festival aimed to “celebrate and interrogate masculinity”. During a wide-ranging talk, Professor Green said it was “bittersweet” to learn how many men were suffering in silence after his show was broadcasted.

He told the audience he was “gentle”, despite a perceived image of being “hard” and agreed there was a pressure at times for rappers to portray themselves with a tough image. The 32-year-old, who was raised by his grandmother, also said living in a single-parent family, where a father-figure is lacking, could lead to young men being forced to bottle their feelings.


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