South Korean Protests Continue for 5th week in a row

It is the fifth weekend in a row when people have gathered in central Seoul, South Korea, to protest against President Park Geun-hye. This has become the norm, as crowds, estimated to be around 500.000 and 1.5 million, once again demanded her resignation on Saturday night.

Protesters braved the cold and the snow and hit the streets of Seoul, as they believe that the president has lost its trust, power and legitimacy.

The growing numbers of protests came after Park was accused of letting her confidante, Choi-Soon-sil, view private documents and presidential speeches.

While Park is investigated as a suspect, Choi is charged with fraud, coercion and abuse of power. She was accused of using her close relationship to the president to rack up millions of dollars for her foundations.

Two of the president’s former aides are also under investigation.

Moreover, President Park has immunity, under South Korean Constitution, so she will not be charged as long as she is in office.

Despite apologizing a number of times, she refuses to give in to the protester’s pressure to resign. But opposition leaders say that this week they are starting the process of impeachment.

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