‘Suspicion’ After the US Election

It has been almost three weeks since the US presidential election and the electoral result is still up for debate. There may hope, yet for the millions of Hilary supporters.

A recount of the vote in several states will be take place today in America, in a last, desperate attempt to change the outcome of the 8th November presidential elections.

American political activist, Jill Stein has raised more than five million dollars to fund the recounting of votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Suspicions have been raised regarding the counting of votes in the three states. The votes may have been read incorrectly due to a fault in touch-screen machines and lack of paper records.

The recent developments surrounding the election appear to have infuriated Donald Trump. On Sunday he started a Twitter row with accusations of an illegal vote. He also claimed that there had been voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California and that he was on the receiving end.

Hilary Clinton has announced she would support a recount of the vote in Wisconsin. According to the electoral data now available, Hilary has won the popular vote by 2 million.


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