1m EU Citizens at possible risk of deportation

By Alejandra Ceballos and Atina Dimitrova

After the Brexit vote, EU immigrants are increasingly concerned about their future in the United Kingdom. One million people could be at risk of deportation. Many are going through the struggle of finding a way to be recognised as citizens of the UK.

Data released by the Home Office suggests that the amount of EU citizens currently applying for permanent residence increased by 36% since the Brexit vote.

The home secretary has been warned that it would take approximately 47 years to process applications for permanent residence, according to the3million. This organisation define themselves as “grassroots organisation by EU citizens for EU citizens” and they focus on helping EU migrants in the UK.

Prime Minister Theresa May has constantly stressed that the rights of EU citizens are a key issue in the Brexit negotiations. A few hours ago, the government announced that their rights could be discarded.

After Brexit, the EU citizens will need to present a card in order to remain in the UK. So far, non-EU migrants require this permission to enter the country.

Prime Minister Theresa May

The latest immigration data shows an accumulation of uncompleted work of 100,000 applications.

Ms. Maria Spirova is a journalist working at The Economist. She says:

“Perhaps we are looking at two-fold issue here. On one hand, with Boris Johnson, we seem to have entered a pretty chaotic and infantile policy stage for the UK. He is in a sense a messenger of decisions made elsewhere in the government. The fact that he is perhaps the most unsuitable messenger is the issue.”

“Theresa May made it very clear that she wants imperial power, pretty much absolute central one woman power over everything that Brexit is and is meant to be.”

“Of course we have two people who were hired into government specifically to deal with Brexit, I’m referring to Mr. Davis and Mr. Fox, and so far the only thing that they have shown is that they haven’t read the Lisbon Treaty. They seem to enjoy being important and being mysterious, and I think this will prove to be extremely troublesome.”





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