Toblerone’s new size sparks controversy – is Brexit to blame?

The redesigned Toblerone bar has faced major criticism.

The new design of Toblerone bars has caused outrage among consumers.

Social media users blamed the new bar – which has narrower triangles and wider gap between each peak – on June’s Brexit vote.

The owner of the Swiss chocolate bar brand, Mondelez International, released an online statement defending the controversial new design.

A spokesman said rising costs of ingredients in the UK led the company to reduce the weight of the bar by 20 grams.

The new design was even discussed in the Scottish Parliament. MSP Colin Beattie put forward a motion to demand an act to prevent increased prices of imported goods. He said the change of the shape of the bar “is emblematic of the devastating consequences that Brexit could bring.”

Mondelez International, which bought the Toblerone brand in 1990, told customers it had to choose between changing the shape or hiking the price of the bars.

The US company went on to assure them that, despite the changes, “there has been no compromise on taste”.

A spokesman also insisted: “it is important to note that this change is not due to Brexit, but a result of several factors.”

What do consumers think?

Other chocolate brands are facing similar struggles. Luxury chocolatier, Rococo Chocolates has complained about a similar rise in ingredient costs. CEO Chantel Coady says that the company’s cocoa is sourced from Grenada and priced in Euros or Dollars. She claims local companies are suffering the consequences of the pound’s devaluation following the EU referendum and the recent referendum in Britain.

Claims of other brands being withdrawn from the UK following Brexit have also hit newspapers, following disagreements on price negotiations between retailers and suppliers. The notable case of Marmite being removed from UK retailer Tesco’s website received similar criticism from the public.

The Bank of England had previously warned customers about a reduction in content size could leave them paying the same for less.

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