Breaking: Woman shot in Birmingham

A woman was shot this morning in the Harborne Area of Birmingham. She has been hospitalised with non-threatening arm injuries. It is believed the attack was specifically targeted at the victim. Investigation is ongoing and Police have appealed for information.

Shootings have been happening in Birmingham with “concerning regularity”, according to West Midlands Police Chief Constable David Thompson, who spoke this January following the last shooting. Despite a crackdown and multiple high-profile convictions through the courts, Mr. Thompson had told city officials this summer that the problem had “not gone away” and that “this challenge would be with us for a long time to come”.

18-year-old Kenichi Phillips became the fourth victim in less than six months when he was shot dead in March of this year.

UPDATE (16:36): Police have confirmed that they were called to the Harborne Area at 11:30 this morning, specifically on Croftdown Road. The victim was admitted shortly thereafter at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

More to come.


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