Donald Trump objects to vote recount in Michigan

President-elect Donald Trump has filed an objection to the Green Party’s request for an official recount in the state of Michigan. Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s campaign officially filed the request on Wednesday afternoon. It is now delayed due to the objection. The recount was expected to begin today.

Dr Adam Smith, the Honorary Secretary of the Royal Historical Society, says: “The fundamental thing about Trump is his complete ignorance about the nature of the office. His apparent lack of preparedness makes it hard to predict what happens next; maybe one thing we could be sure of is that his instability will continue…”

If the counting sessions in Michigan are taking place, they could last until 13 December where 4.8 million ballots would be checked. Trump won Michigan by less than 11,000 votes over Clinton.

Meanwhile, the Stein campaign’s Wisconsin recount has already started yesterday – 1st Dec. It is the first candidate-driven recount of this kind in 16 years. This would mean retabulating 3m ballots. In this state, Trump won by less than a percentage point over his rival.

Jill Stein, the Green Party’s nominee for the office, requested the recount of the votes in three swing states Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan – among Trump’s narrowest wins to secure his Electoral College majority.

Jill Stein

The campaign was triggered once the Green Party candidate created a petition about “irregularity affecting all wards in Wisconsin in the counting and the return of the votes”.

Figures show that Stein had raised nearly $7m to pay for the recounts.
In Pennssylvania the situation is more complicated. Either Stein has to provide evidence of election fraud or at least three voters per precinct or election district need to submit written statements. Here Stein explains more about the recount in Pennsylvania.

Smith, the Honorary Royal Historical Society’s secretary, is among those who believe even if recount took place in all three states, the results would not lead to any changes. In order for Stein’s campaign to be successful, the results in each of those three states must show quite different results from the ones announced so far.

“I don’t think there are good reasons to believe that the recount will result in a different outcome in those 3 states. He has a substantial lead in the Electoral College because of his victory in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. It is extremely unlikely something will change. But if that did happen, there would be civil unrest, real political crisis,” says Smith.

He also comments:

“We are heading to a constitutional crisis with Trump’s presidency before too long anyway. I think it is highly likely there will be impeachment even within the Republican Congress because of Trump’s illegality and his unwillingness to abide to the conventional democratic norms. His chances to get through a full term without committing an act of illegality which even the Republican Congress will compel to impeach are relatively low, in my opinion. He wants to intervene in the judicial system.”

Smith reflects on Trump’s legacy: “We have never seen a president like Donald Trump. We have seen plenty of presidents who are racists, many of the American presidents were slave owners indeed; we have seen presidents who have been at least mildly corrupted; we have seen other presidents with no previous political experience, but all those people had military experience. Dwight D. Eisenhower is the last president who has never had a significant political office before… People talk about Ronald Reagan, but he was the governor of California for two terms. He was propelled initially as a relatively minor actor, but he has actually occupied the foreground of American politics for 16 years. Donald Trump has just the background of a reality TV star.”


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