Francois Hollande says he won’t run for a second term as French President

Yesterday, current French President Francois Hollande announced during a live television address that he will not run for a second term – becoming the first President in modern history to do so. Hollande, the leader of the Socialist party, currently faces an incredibly low approval rating – reported to be as high as 90% back in July.

But what does this mean in terms of the upcoming election in France? And why is his popularity so low in France?


French journalist Veronique Forge believes that Hollande’s unpopularity comes down to his communication issues: “People are not happy – he said that the employment rate would go down in 2013, and then in 2014, whilst they are only starting to decrease now. He should not have made those promises.”

“Recently, his popularity was down to 4%. He has written books that have horrified the French public, revealing state secrets. They just do not see him as being very presidential.”

“They just do not see him as being very presidential.”

As it stands, right-wing Francois Fillon and far-right Marine Le Pen are the two major candidates up for the presidency next year, marking a dramatic move from Hollande’s socialist government.

With the first round of the French Presidential elections taking place on April 23rd next year, it is expected that it will be a tough fight between Fillon and Le Pen over the next four and a half months – one that will not involve Francois Hollande.














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