Nice Man Southgate is Wrong Man for England

Gareth Southgate seems like a nice man.

He’s well presented, extremely coherent, relatively young (when compared to previous managers) and strikes me as rather intelligent.

Although any man who offers to drink from the poison chalice is of questionable intelligence in my book.

When the confirmation finally came on Wednesday, many England fan’s felt it was the beginning of a new era in English football.

The fear amongst others, is that this new era is an era of accepted mediocrity.

Having been an England fan my whole, I’m fully aware of the propetual disappointment that comes with it. We’ve all accepted this.

But, I don’t see why were now accepting the disappointment and the mediocrity. I don’t understand why were setting the bar so low, just so we can get over it.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Gareth Southgate was not the best candidate for the job, he was the only candidate for the job. In fact, he seems like the only person who would be desperate enough for this job.

Long gone are the days that the FA could cherry-pick almost whatever manager they wanted. Who would want to be England manager now-a-days?

Firstly, it’s a guaranteed kiss-of-death on anyones career. Fabio Capello was once one of the highest regarded managers in Europe, having managed Milan, Juventus and Madrid. Since he left his role with England, he has had an unsuccessful stint with the Russian national team and the European giants have stopped calling.

Do you think Roy Hodgson will work again? He struggled to find success in the two biggest jobs he’s ever had and at 69, time is against him finding another big job.

Big Sam lasted just one game, which he won thanks to a last minute Adam Lallana winner. He will struggle to find another Premier League job in the near future.

Southgate’s stint as Under 21’s man is his only international experience and a three year stint as Middsleborough manager, which ended in relegation to the championship is his only domestic experience.

My disappointment with the decision has little to do with Southgate himself. He seems a smart man and I’m sure he’s a good coach.

I just wish we were still aiming to be the best in the world. I wish the FA had set the bar higher.




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