“Philosophy should be part of the educational process,” Professor Grayling says to City Beat

As children we were taught simple things; the alphabet, how to count to ten how to spell ‘Cat.’ Gone are the days of simplicity in education, as Professor Grayling with the help of the group SAPERE – Italian for “knowledge” – are campaigning to get Philosophy introduced into both the primary school and GSCE curriculum.

Grayling, Master of the New College of Humanities, believes: “It should be part of the educational process, even from a very young age.”


He goes on to explain: “Being good at evaluating and seeking to understand, to have a clear eye for detail and to see connections between things; this is the Philosophical mind and we want to encourage the development of such minds of people of all ages and all stages.”

Supporting Grayling’s philosophy is the Charity, Sapere, founded in 1992 with the aim of initiating the use of Philosophy for Children (P4C) in schools around the UK. Over it’s 25 years, the organization has trained around 27,000 teachers in the use of the subject, which is now practiced in approximately 60 countries.


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