Places in Angel Where You Can Hide From The Rain

1.Angel Central – there is nothing wrong with a little shopping on a rainy day.


2. Starbucks – there are two Starbucks locations in Angel – one near Wetherspoon Angel, one a few metres from the Angel Central entrance. In addition to the cosy warm atmosphere, you can always feel even warmer with their Christmas themed drinks.


3. McDonalds – who doesn’t love a double cheeseburger on a rainy day?


4. Inside the station – Angel Station is a fairly nice place to chill for a few minutes. It is not that crowded most of the time and there is always a poster with a thought of the day, which is bound to make you smile.


5. The Breakfast Club – what better than a coffee and some pancakes while waiting for the rain to stop? In this cosy little place, the old-school atmosphere will make everyone with a soft spot for last century’s cults feel at home.



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