Oxbridge student dies in Alps

Matt Smith, a 22-year-old student from Oxbridge, has been found dead whilst on a University ski trip to the French Alps.

Emergency services were called to his chalet after he was found unconscious by friends. No information regarding cause of death has been released however, it is suspected that the youngster died of cardiac arrest.

Oxford University has released a statement, in which the institution said:

“We would like to express our deep sadness at the tragic death. While we await the findings of the official investigation we are offering support to students who may have been affected. “

Friends and family of the deceased took to Facebook to leave their condolences. One user, Eóin Barrett-Fulton wrote: “Still don’t believe it, he was taken far too soon. We all thought he was invincible. I’ll always love you Matt and I hope you’re resting better now. You’ll forever be one of my oldest and greatest friends.”

Smith’s father expressed that his son ‘died doing what he loved.’ He said:

“We don’t know anything more at the moment about what caused his death. We are just thinking of Matt and what a wonderful man he was and what a wonderful friend.”










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