Tim Peake’s space capsule to arrive in the UK in 2017

The United Kingdom has bought the space craft which sent Yuri Malenchenko (Commander, Russia), Tim Kopra (Flight Engineer, USA) and Tim Peake (Flight Engineer, UK) to the International Space Station on 15 December 2015. The three landed on Earth in June 2016.

The craft will be displayed in the Science Museum, London in early 2017. Peake is reportedly ‘delighted’ that the space capsule will be on display in his home country.

Source: Tim Peake via Twitter

He explained: “Hopefully it may act as an inspiration for the next generation of scientists and engineers,”

 “Flying into space is a huge privilege but it also comes with risk and one of the highest risk areas are launch into space and re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

“The Soyuz spacecraft is designed to protect the crew from these harsh conditions. So you get very attached to your spacecraft because it definitely does save your life.”

Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut, welcomes the arrival of the space capsule with open arms. She said:

“I think it is a tremendous thing to have Tim’s capsule.  The fact that we know that our astronaut was actually inside it – he physically sweated inside that suit, he looked outside of that window and saw what it was like to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere – it really provides us with the link to our own astronauts.”


Above: Science Museum expresses their excitement – via Twitter

Since his return to Earth, Peake has published his autobiography: ‘Hello: is this planet Earth?’ about his time in space and has carried out many book signings across the UK.



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